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About Us

Vision Walks

Vision Walks provide eco-tours that allow you to connect with the natural environment no matter what your age or abilities. We hold the patent for conducting guided walks using night vision technology.

All our local guides are qualified Park Rangers and provide unique insights to local natural and human history. Travel in our luxury 8 seat, 4WD vehicle, with comfy seats, air conditioning, video, sunroofs, easy to get in and out of. We think it’s the best tour vehicle in Byron Bay. We are a licenced commercial operator in NSW National Parks. Our Parks Eco Pass licence number is LIC17/111.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land & respect their culture & beliefs. Mount Warning (Wollumbin) is a sacred place to the Bundjalung people, so they request that uninitiated people not climb the mountain. We respect that by not taking tours on the mountain.

Wendy Bithell

Wendy is the founder of Vision Walks- Eco Tours. She is a qualified Park Ranger, has a BSc in environmental science with a major in Parks and Recreation, she also has a MSc in Advanced Learning Technologies. She has hiked in many National Parks both in Australia and around the world, worked at various Australian Universities and worked for the BBC in London. She has taught tourism and eco-tourism at Byron Community College and for the past 8 years has been an eco-tour guide in the Byron Bay area, running walks, wildlife tours, and hinterland & cultural tours; sharing her knowledge of natural and human history of the area with her unique blend of humour and passion for the environment.

Gary Opit

Gary Opit is the man you want walking by your side if you're in a national park. He prides himself on identifying wildlife and the chances of him not knowing what he sees are very slim. For ten years Gary had his own weekly wildlife segment on the ABC North Coast where he often identifies species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and spiders from listener descriptions. As an Environmental Scientist, he has assisted Australian Government's in all areas of conservation and is highly regarded in the Australian Crypto world as an authority. Gary studied Australian environmental sciences at Griffith University in the mid seventies. He spent a couple of years in Papua New Guinea studying the wildlife and worked with the Bishop Museum of Honolulu doing three month expeditions into the wilderness collecting wildlife. Gary lives on the Far North Coast and he loves it, "The Northern Rivers is one of the biodiversity hot spots in Australia...it's a fascinating area as we have mountains close to the sea so within a few kilometres you can be on the beach and drive up to high mountain ranges covered in sub tropical rainforest and even temperate rainforest at the highest altitudes." Gary sure has seen a lot but he never stops wanting to see more.

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