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Byron Bay Walks and Wildlife Tours

Byron Bay Walks & Wildlife Tours

Byron Bay is a world renowned bio diversity hotspot. Vision Walks - Eco tours, provide a variety of walks and wildlife tours that, enable you to connect with nature and experience this bio diversity, no matter what your age or abilities are. You will see wildlife, rainforest, waterfalls with our expert Aussie guides. All our guides are qualified Park Rangers. Our tours include all the best things to in Byron Bay. Our tours are totally unique, we guarantee you will find no combination of tours like this in the world.

Ecotourism is: "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." ( TIES, 1990).

Night Vision Walk Night Vision Walk

Explore the Australian rainforest at night using military grade night vision goggles to observe animals

Wildlife Tour /Safari Wildlife Tour /Safari

Observe native wildlife in their natural habitat. On this tour we visit three different habitats (eucalypt forest, rainforest and grassland)

Platypus Walk Platypus Walk

On this tour we go for a walk along a creek where the playful platypus live.

Minyon Falls Rainforest Walk Minyon Falls Rainforest Walk

Go for a guided walk through the rainforest to see wildlife and the 100m Minyon Falls.

Nightcap Historic Walk Nightcap Historic Track Walk

Go for a 19km hike between Mount Nardi (near Nimbin) to Rummery Park (near Minyon Falls)

Bird Watching Tour Bird Watching Tour

Observe over 20+ species of bird in different habitats with local wildlife expert Gary Opit.

Yowie Tour Yowie Tour

Explore the Yowie Trail with Australia's most renowned Cryptozoologist Gary Opit.